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Pediatric Dermatologist

Pediatric Dermatologist


Pediatric dermatologists are experts in the correct diagnosis and management of childhood skin diseases, including proper pediatric medication management. If your pediatrician suggests that your child see a pediatric dermatologist, you can be assured that your child will receive the best possible medical care

Why do you need to see them?

If you think your child might have an issue with their skin, take them to see their pediatrician. If your child needs to see a pediatric dermatologist, the pediatrician will refer them. Pediatric dermatologists treat the skin comprehensively. Any rash, irritation, burn, or another surface-level skin problem is within their practice, as well as issues related to hair and nails.

What do they do?

Pediatric dermatologists are clinicians who diagnose and treat disorders of the skin, hair, and nails in children. They commonly treat skin conditions such as birthmarks, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions, vitiligo (loss of skin pigment), and others.

They may also perform procedures such as the removal of skin growths (e.g., warts, cysts, moles), laser treatments, skin biopsies, and treatment of skin cancer. In addition, they may prescribe medication and develop long-term treatment plans for chronic issues.

Physician consultation is a good opportunity and you should be prepared for it.

  • Carry all necessary medical records for the discussion. It helps in better understanding your heart condition and avoids repetition of diagnostic tests.
  • Make sure you discuss your past medical history, surgical history, family history, and medications that you are taking.
  • Discuss about your lifestyle habits, dietary habits and also about your profession. Your lifestyle and nature of job may be associated with the risk for cardiac diseases.
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