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A neuroradiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis of abnormalities of the central and peripheral nervous system, spine, head and neck. This specialist uses neuroimaging techniques to provide more information about the l condition.

Why do you need to see them?

Your primary care physician will usually refer you to a radiologist when an imaging test is needed for diagnosis. Your doctor might need more information to diagnose or rule out certain conditions. Imaging tests can also be used to determine the progress of a disease that has already been diagnosed.

What do they do?

Radiologists play an important role in your health care in many different ways. They act as a consultant to your referring physician. They go over medical images and recommend further scans or treatments where appropriate. Radiologists are one of the few specialists that primary care physicians consult when coming up with a diagnosis.


Neuroradiologists are radiologists that have further certification and training in treating abnormalities in the central and peripheral nervous system, spine, head and neck. They can also treat diseases by means of minimally-invasive, image-guided surgery. 

Physician consultation is a good opportunity and you should be prepared for it.

  • Carry all necessary medical records for the discussion. It helps in better understanding your heart condition and avoids repetition of diagnostic tests.
  • Make sure you discuss your past medical history, surgical history, family history, and medications that you are taking.
  • Discuss about your lifestyle habits, dietary habits and also about your profession. Your lifestyle and nature of job may be associated with the risk for cardiac diseases.
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