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Cosmetic Dermatologists

Cosmetic Dermatologists


A cosmetic dermatologist is a medical specialist with particular expertise or focuses on the aesthetic enhancement of the skin. This includes a broad range of treatments for unwanted blemishes or skin degradations.

Why do you need to see them?

Cosmetic dermatologists offer a wide variety of services that can help you with your beauty routine. From botox injections to laser hair removal, these professionals can provide the treatments you need to look your best. Be sure to check out their website to see the full list of services they offer, which may include derma fillers, exfoliating treatments, chemical peels, and more.

What do they do?

A cosmetic dermatologist is someone who works with patients to improve their appearance. They may work in dermatology clinics, general practices, or medical spas. Cosmetic dermatologists focus on patient desires, such as Correcting skin tone, Smoothing wrinkles, Removing hair on the face or body, Reducing surface fat, Tightening skin, Removing tattoos, Treating cellulite, and Treating acne and acne scars.

Depending on the location and services, an initial appointment may be necessary to form a treatment plan. In addition to in-person treatments, medications (oral or topical) may be prescribed and recommendations for lifestyle and skin care could be made.

Physician consultation is a good opportunity and you should be prepared for it.

  • Carry all necessary medical records for the discussion. It helps in better understanding your heart condition and avoids repetition of diagnostic tests.
  • Make sure you discuss your past medical history, surgical history, family history, and medications that you are taking.
  • Discuss about your lifestyle habits, dietary habits and also about your profession. Your lifestyle and nature of job may be associated with the risk for cardiac diseases.
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